Airscape® Classic Coffee Storage Bundle

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The perfect Airscape® Classic Storage Coffee Bundle to store your roasts!

The perfect duo to store your roasts! The Airscape® Classic Storage Coffee Bundle has two stainless steel Airscape®s (one small, one medium). Keep coffee beans or any other dry goods fresher for longer —mix or match by selecting a color for each size Airscape®.

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How Much Coffee Does the Airscape® Coffee Container Hold?

Small holds 10oz/250gr of whole bean coffee.

Medium holds 1lb/500gr of whole bean coffee.

How Long Does Coffee Last in the Airscape® Coffee Container?
If the coffee is stored in an Airscape® Coffee container that is kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, it can stay fresh for up to several weeks.
Why is Oxygen Bad for Coffee?

Oxygen is bad for coffee because it causes oxidation, which can lead to the coffee going stale and losing its flavor and aroma. Oxidation is a chemical process where oxygen reacts with the compounds in coffee, breaking them down and creating new compounds that are less desirable in terms of taste and aroma.

Thus the importance of storing in an airtight container.

Does the Airscape® Coffee Container Let C02 Out?

The Inner Lid that comes with the Airscape does not burp the naturally occurring C02 of coffee, but C02 is released every time you open your container.

However, you can buy the Fresh-Port™ Airscape® Inner Lid which burps C02 automatically!

Can You Store the Airscape® Coffee Container in the Freezer?

Yes you can, but you may want to read our blog about storing coffee in the fridge/ freezer here before you do so.

Can You Store Ground Coffee and other Dry Goods in the Airscape® Coffee Container?

Yes, ground coffee and other dry goods can be stored in an Airscape® coffee canister.

How Do I Wash the Airscape® Coffee Container?

Yes you can (on top shelf of the dishwasher). But we highly recommend hand-washing to prolong the life of your product. The Airscape® inner lid should always be gently hand-washed and let out to air-dry.

What Are the Dimensions of the Airscape® Coffee Containers?
Small: Height = 140 mm. Inner Circumference = 121 mm Medium: Height = 170 mm. Inner Circumference = 121 mm

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