Industry-Specific Online Marketplaces Offer an Alternative to Trade Shows

However, one could argue that in-person exhibitions are no longer as beneficial as they once were. With constant location changes which may not suit brands and their target, and the reduced visibility by some brands to showcase their most valuable products and their benefits due to big corporate businesses taking up substantial space within these shows, the true benefit and return on investment of attending trade shows has been questioned lately.

Taking into account these evolutionary factors and the massive upheaval that the pandemic has caused trade shows and exhibitions, businesses are finding new alternatives to create connections between brands and buyers, from virtualized events to new, industry-specific online marketplaces.

In the digital age, in-person shows are no longer necessary for brands and buyers to connect.

The B2B digital marketplace is now a world where power has been handed back to brands and buyers, and where innovations can easily reach the targeted audience regardless of industry. People globally have revisioned how trade and commerce work, and placed it in the palm of the hands of brands and buyers.

With new online industry specific marketplaces like SKU CANDY, barriers have forever been broken. Brands, regardless of size, can now have their desired visibility online, and buyers now have the upper hand in selection, costs and ultimately competitiveness. The best is yet to come for both brands and buyers.

Industry-specific, B2B marketplaces like SKU CANDY are different from wide reaching marketplaces like Amazon in that they cater specifically to wholesale buyers and sellers in a specific industry or niche.

SKU CANDY is an industry-specific marketplace. We focus exclusively on the outdoor, lifestyle, and sporting goods space. This means you won’t find any other type of product on our site. This also means that members of our site are only looking for products in the outdoor industry.

SKU CANDY is a B2B marketplace. This means that brands and buyers on our site are wholesalers. Our marketplace is not open to the general public. You need to be a wholesale seller or buyer in order to join SKU CANDY. This makes the site more useful for those specific people. You don’t have to filter through retail buyers or sellers. Brands and buyers on the site have been vetted and verified using our Vetify™ process to make sure they are a good fit for the niche that we are serving. For example, brands that want to be able to sell on the site must be able to deliver wholesale volume and pricing, and buyers must be ready to buy wholesale quantities.

To learn more about SKU CANDY or join the site, visit our homepage at

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