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For Brands - FAQ
I’m interested in joining the SKU CANDY marketplace, how do I do this?
Great question! Simply click here - For Brands - Here you can watch a short video that explains how to sign up and why you as a Brand should consider SKU CANDY for your responsible growth, or simply just click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT under the video...
How much does it cost to be a Brand on the marketplace?
We have varying levels of subscriptions and performance commissions - reach out to us for more information.
Why SKU CANDY versus all of the other marketplaces out there?
SKU CANDY is the ONLY marketplace that focuses exclusively on the outdoor, lifestyle and sporting goods space. You’ll only find buyers that shop in this space. We connect the RIGHT Brands, with the RIGHT Buyers. Simple.
What do we as the Brand need to do?
Sign up! From there, we build your Brand store, we completely manage your Brand store, we promote it to our Buyers, we take care of it like it’s our own. This means that YOU get to keep being awesome and growing your Brand. We got your back!
Why do I need to set up a Stripe account?
Stripe is how we distribute your funds to you. It’s simple, easy, secure and free for you to use.
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For Buyers - FAQ
How do I sign up so that I can shop your amazing Brands?
Signing up as a Buyer is simple and easy, you’ll be buying in no time! Simply click here - For Buyers - Here you can watch a short video that explains how to sign up and why you as a Buyer should consider SKU CANDY, or simply just click on the CREATE...
How much does it cost me as a Buyer to buy on SKU CANDY?
Nothing! To become an approved Buyer is FREE and always will be FREE. In the future, we are launching add on buying features that are optional and we think you’ll love them, but that’s up to you!
What makes SKU CANDY different from the other marketplaces?
A lot! We focus on two things. Helping Brands responsibly grow their distribution and connecting the RIGHT Brands with the RIGHT Buyers. That means you’re only going to find products that make sense to you from Brands that you’ll wish you would have ...
How do I know the Brands you have on SKU CANDY are good Brands that will live up to our standards and ultimately, be profitable?
As a former Brand owner and Multi-Brand Sales Rep, we know exactly what our Buyers want, in fact, many features and site developments have come from Buyer feedback. We built SKU CANDY with and for you!
How do I pay for my orders?
On SKU CANDY, you have options. Our Brands require a credit card payment for every first order, from there, we can integrate ACH (bank transfer) payment options and even get you set up with terms. Oh yeah, one more thing, you can buy from every single...
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