Worldwide, the global B2B e-commerce market size is estimated to reach $20.9 trillion USD by 2027, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of an eye popping 17.5% during this forecast period.

Beginning in 2020 we watched COVID-19 massively disrupt the overall shopping experience and witnessed e-commerce erupt like it had never before. Behavioral patterns of customers went through an intense change of course, especially in heavily locked down countries like the U.S., Germany, Italy, Spain, India, China and Russia. Online shopping went through the roof, mainly due to consumers being afraid to leave their homes and preferring the convenience of shopping online. BUT, something of great importance is to note that B2B buying trends and habits also evolved tremendously, with the preferred medium of meetings turning to online, while face-to-face meetings came to a screeching halt. We’re confident that things will return to normal, we’re also confident that our new habits and preferred methods of buying and selling are here to stay.

Many industries simply shuttered their doors and became businesses of the past, yet the outdoor, surf, snowsport, lifestyle and sporting goods industries saw a resurgence similar to 2008. With little freedom left for people, we turned back to the great outdoors, in a variety of formats. Brick and mortar stores that had adopted a digital strategy saw an upward trend and many have been able to not only weather the storm, but have seen record years.

As consumers spent more time on social media, an aggressive push to online marketing never seen before was born. Why? We can now reach our consumers in their front rooms, in their automobiles, at the gym, we know most everything about them and can curate content to meet their exact needs, wants and desires.

Smart brands and buyers know this and are taking advantage of this hugely convenient disruptor to traditional buying and selling methods.

Parlay this with the fact that the slow death of in person trade shows has already begun and you will soon find yourself looking to find a way to buy, or sell the next hot thing on the marketplace of your choice.

But how will you choose your marketplace? Amazon is crowded and not customized to the needs of wholesale buyers and sellers in the outdoor industry. “Those that do focus on B2B tend to be generalists and lack industry focus, they are more of a swap meet of all things sold than a specialist marketplace”.

Enter SKU CANDY. We are focused on B2B sales. Our platform is membership-only, and it is only for wholesale brands and buyers. We’ve removed the noise so you can buy and sell outdoor, lifestyle, and sporting goods products with ease. Want to learn more or join the site as a member? Visit our homepage at

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