Vetify = Vetted + Verified

Connecting the RIGHT Brands, with the RIGHT Buyers!


For Our Buyers

Vetify is our way of guaranteeing that our brands have been both “Vetted and Verified”. With Vetify, we score brands on a series of criteria that buyers we work with find to be most important. Things like; is the brand environmentally friendly, does it have responsible manufacturing, a social give back initiative, eco-friendly packaging, online pricing control, and more. ALL brands must achieve a postive rating to earn a position on our marketplace. Only the best brands will become Vetified, symbolizing all aspects of the brand are synchronized with the high standards of the buyers we serve.

We know how hard it is to decide to try a new brand or product, Vetify takes the guesswork out of “is this a good brand to work with” and brings you partnerships built on trust, loyalty, and combined mutual success.

For Our Brands

Vetify gives you peace of mind that our retail partners are treating your brand and partnership with respect. We ensure that our buyers are holding up their end of the bargain and enhancing your distribution, not hindering it. Don’t want to be sold on Amazon, no problem, you can control this, have a ‘tight MAP policy’ no problem, our buyers will adhere to your policy.

It wouldn’t be fair to only Vetify our brands, the buyers can earn this designation as well. In fact, we reward them for doing so with exclusive discounts, outlet buying opportunities, and more ways to incentivize them for trying new brands, achieving buying benchmarks, and more. Vetify represents our commitment to excellence and building partnerships that are profitable and last for years to come.

Our Criteria


Are you a brand that's Going Beyond?

Wo go beyond, we feel like it's important for our brands and buyers to care about going beyond too! Going Beyond simply put means that the brand stands for something that they believe in and brings good to the world. Like to give 1% of your revenue to protecting the planet? Cool! Love to protect our oceans and waterways? Amazing! Believe that supporting local initiatives is the most meaningful thing you can do? Hell yeah! Whatever it is that you do, we want to connect you to likeminded folks and let them align with you in a more powerful and collective way.


Is your brand market ready?

We ensure our brands are market ready, our buyers expect this and so do we. Market ready means having packaging in place so that the retailer can effectively promote your brand and proudly display you to their consumers and so that your products can sell themselves, with little effort. Do you have a warranty policy in place? You better! Is your supply chain ready to meet the demand that our retail partners are going to create for your best products? If not, you're NOT market ready, you need to be. 


The Right Fit?!

Without being the right fit, we don't move forward with a brand, or buyer. Brands and buyers must have a place in the outdoor, lifestyle and adventure industry, otherwise, there are many alternative wholesale marketplaces for brands and products outside of the industry we know and love.  Honestly, it would be a disservice to our highly curated brands, top performing retailers and everything that makes SKU CANDY special. 


Online Presence

Critical for both brands and buyers. Buyers aren't looking to do business with brands that have a messy online presence and out of control of pricing/MAP policies? Conversely, our brands aren't looking to partner with online stores that muddy up the brands online presence and distribution. Either way, this will cause problems from the start and isn't the types of partnerships any of us are looking for. Brands are able to set the parameters of their distriubtion criteria, buyers have the ability to accept, or reject, same goes for the brands. If for whatever reason a brand doesn't want to accept an order, that's completely up to them. Finally, because we aren't in the business of policing anybody but ourselves, we support our partners with a one strike policy.


Social Media

It's pretty hard to have any kind of business today without a strong social media presence. We do our best to encourage a high level of collaboration between brands and buyers that work together, otherwise it's not really a partnership. When the brand provides high quality assets, retailers have the ability to help promote a brand and introduce them to the store following and when the brand let's it's fans know who they're working with, the odds of folks walking in and asking for the brand increase, a win-win for both parties.