Why buy on SKU CANDY

At SKU CANDY we pride ourselves on being the premier B2B wholesale marketplace for brands and buyers in the outdoor, recreational lifestyle, and sporting goods space. We have carefully chosen our brands using a proprietary tool that we created, VETIFY,  to ensure the best fit for our retail buyers on the marketplace. 

VETIFY is our way of guaranteeing that brands have been both “Vetted and Verified”. WIth VETIFY, we score brands on a series of 10 criteria that buyers we work with find to be most important. Things like; environmentally friendly and reusable manufacturing, social give back, eco-friendly packaging, online MAP pricing control, and more. ALL brands must achieve a rating of 7//10 for placement on site. Only the best (8.5 and higher), will earn the “Gold V” symbolizing all aspects of the brand are synchronized with the high standards of the buyers we serve. 

Our marketplace is FREE for our buyers to use, easy to sign up and get started, has one single point of billing, yet offers the largest number of shoppable wholesale brands in the outdoor, lifestyle, and sporting goods categories. We add dozens of new brands and hundreds of new products each month.

Our goal is to make the job and life of buyers easier and loaded with ROI. Find all of the newest, hottest, and most trusted brands in our industries, ready to connect with you and do it in an easy to use way. Search by: brand name, categories, styles, specific products, hot, new, and build repeatable lists that save time, energy, money and can be done in one click. Having worked with buyers selling our own brand for years, we know the challenges both brands and buyers face and have created this marketplace with those lessons and feedback in mind.