Why sell on SKU CANDY

At SKU CANDY we pride ourselves on being the premier B2B wholesale marketplace for brands and buyers in the outdoor, recreational lifestyle, and sporting goods space. We have carefully chosen our retailers to ensure the best fit for all brands on our site.

Our tiered subscription plans are ideal for brands of all sizes, from those just starting out, to the well established brand looking to continue growing their distrubution responibly. For those short on time and resources, we've got you covered, as we maintain and manage all aspects of your store, freeing you up to focus on the long list of day to day activiites you already are responsible for. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will constantly be seen by our network of thousands of outdoor, lifestyle, and sporting goods buyers, hungry to find new brands. 

Centralized billing means that all you have to do is receive and ship orders, we handle the rest and guarantee on-time payments. No bill collecting, no hassles. 

The marketplace backend is intuitive, easy to use, and provides robust reporting features. Checking your email every morning and receiving orders while you sleep will become your new favorite ‘to do’ each day!

For our new brands, or brands looking to rapidly accelerate distribution, we offer a variety of built in services to help penetrate key accounts and territories; direct account outreach, email marketing efforts, premium store positioning, blog linking, and social media  ‘shout outs’ to our buyer network. 

Interested in expanding beyond the US? SKU CANDY knows what this takes and our aggregated offering is already in demand outside of the US. For years, our founder built an eager and capable international network of buyers and they consistently have looked to him for brand introductions. With the SKU CANDY marketplace, those dreams are now a reality. 

SKU CANDY was built by a former brand owner with 20 + years of experience working directly with buyers and very well understands the challenges that come along with this. Come witness first hand what years of experience and a thorough market understanding can look and feel like, then get ready to grow!