Trestle Aeropress® & K-cup® Adapter

Meet Trestle, the new outdoor brewing coffee capsule adapter for the Aeropress® coffee maker. Trestle fuses the usability of K-Cup® coffee capsules with the simple and portable Aeropress® coffee maker. Our goal is to facilitate convenience and reliability with a low packing footprint, perfect for coffee brewing on the go – wherever you are.

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person making kcup coffee with the trestle on a tree stump

The Trestle Adapter Merges K-Cup® and AeroPress Technologies®

Experience the perfect fusion of convenience and quality with the Trestle Adapter. This groundbreaking adapter seamlessly combines the best of K-Cup and AeroPress technologies, allowing you to enjoy the ease of K-Cup brewing and the rich flavor extraction of AeroPress.

Perfect for Coffee Brewing on the Go

The Trestle AeroPress Adapter is your ultimate companion for brewing coffee on the go. Its compact design and compatibility with AeroPress make it a must-have for those getting started with outdoor coffee brewing. Don't let your love for coffee fade outdoors - equip yourself with the Trestle AeroPress Adapter and elevate your outdoor brewing experience.

trestle adapter laying on a ground in the forest

Grab some of our double-walled camp cups to pair with your Trestle and read what Barista Magazine has to say about the Trestle.

How to Brew with Trestle Aeropress® and K-cup® Adapter?

  1. Place the inner lid into the tube of the AeroPress by pressing one side until it seeps, then work your way around the AeroPress until the Trestle inner lid is flush with the AeroPress.
  2. Ensure the upper O-Ring of the lid is seated properly.
  3. Push the K-Cup capsule inside the body of the trestle until you hear a pop.
  4. Attach the Trestle body to the AeroPress with a twist.
  5. Place AeroPress with Trestle attachment on top of the cup.
  6. Add hot water.
  7. Push the top of AeroPress down to brew coffee.

Is the Trestle Adapter compatible with compostable K-cups?

Yes it is! However, it isn’t compatible with reusable K-cups. With each K-cup, especially the compostable ones, make sure the top lid punctures the top of the K-cup. We recommend putting the K-cup onto the top O-ring first (refer to video to see how).

Is the Trestle AeroPress Adapter compatible with all AeroPress models?

Yes! We just exclusively offer the Aeropress® Go on our website.

Can I still use regular AeroPress filters with the Trestle Adapter?

No! It won’t make a difference with the Trestle.

Is the Trestle AeroPress Adapter BPA-free?


Is the Trestle Adapter easy to clean?

Yes. You’ll dispose of the K-Cup properly when you’re finished and rinse the trestle and Aeropress® with water.

Does the Trestle Adapter affect the flavor of the coffee?

Nope. You’ll still get a great extraction from the Aeropress.

Does the Aeropress® come with purchase?

Nope, but we offer the Aeropress® Go on our website.

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